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Aiguille de L’Encrenaz, NE Couloir

Aiguille de L'Encrenaz, NE couloir, Aiguilles Rouges 5.2 E3 From Lac Blanc climb the slopes SE of the Chamois / Perseverance / Encrenaz and head up the middle S facing couloir between Breche Martin / Encrenaz. At the top of the couloir aim right and then descend into the North East couloir. First part is around 50 ° … Continue reading Aiguille de L’Encrenaz, NE Couloir

couloir du pissoir

Couloir du Pissoir

A great day out traversing mountains, popping in to a different country and skiing a delightful new line with Bjorn. Top of Grands Montets, ski down to the glacier d'Argentiere, up and over Col du Passon, followed by a traverse of the Glacier du Tour, up and over the Col du Tour into Switzerland, then underneath … Continue reading Couloir du Pissoir

col du tacul ski tour

Traverse of Col du Tacul: Capucin NE couloir

After the usual evening chatter discussing what to ski the next day, a few routes had been thrown in the hat. The col du Tacul, particularly the traverse of the col du Tacul ending with the Capucin couloir gained most interest. 8:00 at the Aiguille du Midi the following morning, Fergus, Barney and myself took our place in … Continue reading Traverse of Col du Tacul: Capucin NE couloir

Small Adventure in the Massif – Pointe Yeld 3560m

Adam and I had the idea of skiing a y shaped couloir in-between the col superior de la noire and pointe yeld. On approaching the base of the line it was obvious that it wouldn't be skiable so we decided to go for a short wander up to pointe yeld to discover this new area … Continue reading Small Adventure in the Massif – Pointe Yeld 3560m

Crochues-Bérard: First day of Winter

It's mid November and Winter has arrived a little earlier than expected. Well over a metre of snow has fallen over the past week. Yesterday Adam and I headed into the Aiguilles Rouges aiming for Cols des Aiguilles Crochues from the top of the Floria lift in Flegere. The Flegere lift is currently open giving nice access to … Continue reading Crochues-Bérard: First day of Winter

Mont Blanc grands mulets

Mont Blanc via the Grand Mulets Route

3.2, E2, AD Time was running out for our 3 musketeers' attempt to ski the north face of Mont Blanc. Luckily we saw a weather window in the forecast for the 28th and 29th April so we decided to go for it. We easily settled on the Grand Mulets route to follow in the footsteps of Jacques … Continue reading Mont Blanc via the Grand Mulets Route

Col du Trident

Ben Finlay and I had planned to go for Spencer Couloir on Aiguille de Blaitière but missed out on first Midi bins so we decided to go exploring towards Tour Ronde instead on what was a nice bluebird day. 'A day in the mountains' as we called it. By the time we got up and started … Continue reading Col du Trident