couloir cosmiques

Walk down the exposed Aiguille du midi arête at 3842m, high above Chamonix. Ski round to the right. Tie two 30m ropes together and down you go. Into the relatively unknown. The conditions look good from the top, but who knows? Dropping over rocks that guard the entrance to this 800m long couloir, which sustains between 45-50 … Continue reading couloir cosmiques

Small Adventure in the Massif – Pointe Yeld 3560m

Adam and I had the idea of skiing a y shaped couloir in-between the col superior de la noire and pointe yeld. On approaching the base of the line it was obvious that it wouldn't be skiable so we decided to go for a short wander up to pointe yeld to discover this new area … Continue reading Small Adventure in the Massif – Pointe Yeld 3560m

An Autumn day in Chamonix

I woke up early and felt the cold nibbling my toes. Gone are the warm Summer mornings. The sun's rays can't climb over Chamonix's giant aiguilles until midday these days. The valley lies in wait. It's the weekend and I'm going on a small solo adventure. After a fuel filled breakfast and a quick confirmation of today's … Continue reading An Autumn day in Chamonix

Mont Blanc grands mulets

Mont Blanc via the Grand Mulets Route

3.2, E2, AD Time was running out for our 3 musketeers' attempt to ski the north face of Mont Blanc. Luckily we saw a weather window in the forecast for the 28th and 29th April so we decided to go for it. We easily settled on the Grand Mulets route to follow in the footsteps of Jacques … Continue reading Mont Blanc via the Grand Mulets Route

Cunningham (Passerrelle) Couloir

5.2, E2(?), TD (Number 1) The Cunningham, also known as the Passarrelle couloir lies beneath the main bridge on the Aiguille du Midi. It's a steep, hugely aesthetic couloir with around 400m of skiing at 45 to 50 degrees before you reach the Glacier Rond. The couloir has a unique entrance in that you must … Continue reading Cunningham (Passerrelle) Couloir