Pointe Yield North East Face

30th May. Skiing Pointe Yield north east face with Martin, Andi and Lauren. Beautiful line that I have been looking at for a while to ski. We skied great snow on the upper slopes and then encountered some challenging skiing and fairly dangerous conditions during the main descent with some avalanches and serac danger and … Continue reading Pointe Yield North East Face

Col du Plan North Face

Wow what a day! On Monday Martin, Fergus and I skied our first ever run on the North Face of the Aiguille du Midi, the north face of the Col du Plan. 600m of steep exposed terrain visible from Chamonix. At some point in a Chamonix skiers' life you can't help your mind wondering to … Continue reading Col du Plan North Face

Aiguille de la Noire North Face

Fun day skiing with Jerome, Fergus and Damo on the Aiguille de la Noire north face. This face overlooks the vallee blanche and is a great line that is never too technical or difficult but always somewhat exposed. You reach the Aiguille de la Noire by taking the 'chicken foot' shaped couloir on the Italian … Continue reading Aiguille de la Noire North Face