264 days later

Recovering from knee surgery seems to be part of a skiers life sooner or later but it’s far from easy.

Since my injury on 2nd February it’s been a big struggle for me mentally more than physically (I’m lucky to say that I haven’t had worse experiences than this) and I’m glad to be pulling through strongly on the other side now after countless hours of hard work. Thank you to Dr. Peltier for performing an inch perfect patellar graft ACL reconstruction surgery and tidying up my torn lateral meniscus in April. Thank you to the whole gang at Le Clinique du Sport in Chamonix, especially Malin who guided me expertly through the whole process and always managed to keep me grounded and focused as well as positive!

Huge thanks to my friends and family for always being there (my mum and dad were sitting waiting for me at the hospital when I came out of surgery) and most of all I want to thank my love Camille who has cared for me with so much love and patience throughout these past months and kept me believing that I’d be back skiing soon. It was especially difficult the first few weeks when I could barely do anything and I’ll always be thankful for all the help I received then from Camille, family and close friends. And not to mention Rocky, who was with me all the way!


There’s a lot of work and training still to do but I couldn’t be more stoked to be able to ski a few powder turns this morning with Ben. I’ve been gradually easing myself back into skiing and after a ski tour to Bel Oiseau last week and a few piste laps I felt ready to ski some powder today and it was amazing, I can’t describe how good it felt!

Chamonix Hospital, 2nd February
Pre-surgery, 6th April




Post-surgery, 7th April
lots of bruising post-surgery
Me for the first week post surgery
First cycle, 18 May
Camille, 1 June
Uphill training, 19 August
Training with Dave Tayler, 20 October


Almost there.. 8 December

First powder ski, today 20 December


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