Rectiligne and l’ENSA couloirs

Not all days in the mountains are clear blue skies. On this day we skied two couloirs, the Rectiligne on the Pas de chèvre from Grands Montets and couloir l’ENSA from Brevent.

rectiligne couloir chamonix
Oli Hacke in couloir Rectiligne
rectiligne couloir
Looking down couloir Rectiligne
rectiligne couloir
Olly Alkema and Fergus in couloir Rectiligne
couloir rectiligne
Fergus opening it up on the lower slopes of the Pas de Chèvre
couloir rectiligne
Olly Alkema skiing the lower slopes of Pas de Chèvre
couloir rectiligne
Oli Hacke enjoying the powder in the trees before the Mer de Glace
couloir rectiligne
Olly Alkema walking through the ice caves of the mer de glace after skiing couloir Rectiligne
ENSA couloir
Fergus in couloir l’ENSA
ENSA couloir
Oli Hacke in l’ENSA
mer de glace
Fergus, Oli and Olly all smiles in the ice tunnels of mer de glace

Two easily accessible and highly enjoyable couloirs made for a great day of skiing.

Thanks Oli and Fergus for the day.

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