couloir cosmiques

Walk down the exposed Aiguille du midi arête at 3842m, high above Chamonix. Ski round to the right. Tie two 30m ropes together and down you go. Into the relatively unknown. The conditions look good from the top, but who knows?

Dropping over rocks that guard the entrance to this 800m long couloir, which sustains between 45-50 degrees for the first couple hundred metres then lowers out to around 40 until you reach the looming Bossons glacier below. Turns at the top of Cosmiques must be calculated. No mistakes allowed here on a slope close to 50 degrees.

After the couloir into 1000m vertical of open powder fields, running past the old Aiguille du Midi lift station that’s still standing, abandoned, but a useful landmark. Into the tree-line next, weaving through small shrubs until speed must be controlled once more as we enter the maze of the summer trails, winding down towards the valley floor.

Note: I was editing the clips together without any music, and one of my favourite songs began to play on my speakers. I decided it went well with the video. Thanks Fergus and Jerome for sharing the adventure. Watch in 1080p HD.

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