Crochues-Bérard: First day of Winter

It’s mid November and Winter has arrived a little earlier than expected. Well over a metre of snow has fallen over the past week. Yesterday Adam and I headed into the Aiguilles Rouges aiming for Cols des Aiguilles Crochues from the top of the Floria lift in Flegere. The Flegere lift is currently open giving nice access to the various ski tours in the Rouges.

A few went before us as we took a leisurely pace. It was the first time back on our skis and board and it felt good.

Approaching the Cols des Aiguilles Crochues [photo: Adam Eriksson]
Approaching the Cols des Aiguilles Crochues
Adam at the top of Cols des Aiguilles Crochues looking back at the Flegere ski area

We reached the top of the Cols des Aiguilles Crochues and plotted our next move. We decided to traverse to Col de Bérard hoping for some cold snow on the other side.

Looking back towards the Cols Des Aiguilles Crochues

Heading up to Col de Bérard [photo: Adam Eriksson]
A shorter second skin put us at the Col de Bérard where we could see that the we’d be in for a fun descent. It was nice to bump into the familiar face of Martin, along with Oskar and Anna at the Col.

Martin letting rip down Col de Bérard [photo: Adam Eriksson]
The descent down the Bérard valley [photo: Adam Eriksson]
Enjoying the snow on the NE aspect slopes [photo: Adam Eriksson]
Well, all was well and good. A decent ski tour and some well earned turns in good snow. It’s November we reminded ourselves, giggling.

The final leg to our day was, well, a bit rubbish but an adventure all the same. Bushwhacking our way down the Bérard valley, hopping over streams and ducking under branches we finally made it to the main road at Le Buet. After a few minutes of sticking our thumbs out a French chap gave us a lift back to Flegere as it got dark.

The way out [photo: Adam Eriksson]
Adam’s expression sums up the final leg of the day perfectly.

Thanks for the day Adam. Winter has begun!

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