Perrons de Vallorcine : Traversée E >> W

I linked up with Miha yesterday to have a go at this superb airy ridge traverse above Lac d’Emosson.

We arrived at the Emosson Dam feeling fresh and ready to go after a 45minute car journey listening to some of the finest music Slovenia has to offer.

The guide book recommends 7-8 hours so we set off at a quick pace on the approach at 8:00am, crossing the dam and then making our way up towards the bréche on the Aiguilles du Van (main peak in the centre of the photo below) where the traverse begins.


It was exciting to be on the ridge in changeable weather. It definitely added to the occasion. We had clear skies to the north over Lac d’Emosson and intermittent cloud/fog to the south of the ridge with the Mont Blanc massif poking through every now and again.


Once on the ridge there is a straight forward trail to the summit of the Grand Perron. The whole traverse takes in 3 main points, the Gran Perron, Pointe Vouilloz and Pointe de l’ifala and takes around 4 hours. On the first section towards the Grand Perron we were a little bemused by the route’s ease and lack of exposure but after a couple of short rappels we began some proper scrambling on the airy climb up to Pointe Vouilloz and all was good.


On reaching the Pointe Vouilloz we made two abseils of 20m each and then we reached the final climb to the Inala which is the crux (4a/4b) and the most enjoyable climbing on the route.


We finished the route as the clouds came in and made the one hour descent back to the car.

This is a highly recommended route and it is also possible to make the traverse from W to E although it is more involved. Sounds like a good challenge for next time!

Thanks for the day Miha.



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