Simple joys: Val de Tré les Eaux > Col Corbeau > Col de la Terrasse

After finally picking up a tent and a Jetboil (portable gas cooker) Camille and I made plans to go and test out the new equipment in the wild.

We decided to explore the Tré les Eaux valley in the Mont Buet region of the Aiguilles Rouges as neither of us had been there before. We’d be able to get high without reaching snow on the south east facing peaks, and with it being a quieter region of the Aiguilles Rouges we’d be able to get away from the mad summer tourist rush around Chamonix.

After packing my Millet 38l and Deuter 28l backpacks to the brim with the below equipment and food, we set off in the midday sun on Thursday from the car park in Les Couteray.

The approach to the Trés les Eaux valley takes approximately 1hr15mins from the Les Couteray car park. The trail leads through thick forest at first before following a river path then scrambling over rocks to gain height and enter the valley’s vast river bed. The scrambling sections are supported by rails and chains.


After scrambling our way into the tré les Eaux valley we followed the valley floor until we reached the bottom of the Trés les Eaux glacier, prompting us to head upwards out of the valley east towards Col Corbeau. We found a flat camp spot 200m or so below the col and set up for the night.


It was approx 7:30pm by the time we’d set up camp and started cooking dinner. We were perched overlooking the east face of Mont Buet (above, left of centre) and the Mont Blanc massif was just visible in the distance. We watched the sunset, drank wine and warmed up with hot chocolate before settling in for some sleep.


Dawn broke and after a distinctly average porridge we set off to col de la Terrasse via col Corbeau in the early morning fresh air, before making our way back down the valley and back to Argentiere in time for a late lunch pizza at Stone Bar.


All in all it was a simple adventure in beautiful mountain environment but simple is sometimes the best kind. Thanks Camille for the good times! 😉

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