Moonlight Adventure on Plan de l’Aiguille

Monday night was set to be full moon so I’d had the idea of taking the last lift up the Aiguille du Midi on Sunday and skiing the Vallee Blanche at night under moonlight. This didn’t quite work out as during the day on Sunday myself Adam and Fergus had been delayed traversing back from the Cosmiques couloir so we missed the last lift and had to make a new plan.

Joining Adam and myself were Magnus, Bryndis, Erla and Freja. They’d known we were delayed on our traverse so had decided we should hike up from Plan de l’Aiguille and build a snow cave and wait for the moon light before skiing down to Chamonix.

The crew getting ready for a short bootpack
Boot packing as the sun sets
Magnus leading the way
It was magical to be the only ones on the mountain
The Aiguille du Midi in all it’s glory
The girls being girls
Sunset over Les Houches
Double selfie
Base camp for the night
Passing the time drinking wine and fine dining
Chamonix has no idea we’re up here..
Magnus in charge of hot chocolate
At around 10pm we decided to ski down, under clear moonlight but with some clouds approaching. The visibility was good enough, and some of us used head torches.
My kinda girls. Walking through Chamonix at midnight, all of us smiling to ourselves and feeling stoked, but knackered. It had been an especially long day for Adam and me, but it was worth every second. Thanks everyone for the adventure!

2 thoughts on “Moonlight Adventure on Plan de l’Aiguille

  1. Hi Olly, hope this finds you well. Great to hear from Sonja about the wonderful time she had! We also are always enjoying the amazing pictures of all your adventures !! You are not pushing it too far I hope?!?!Again you have my full respect,admiration and trust for all you do! I’m of to Italy on Tuesday with class12 and won’t be back until the 24th of March. And then it is soon of to Chamonix !!! We can’t wait,especially because at school it’s rather busy…… If you can do the Arsenal tickets that would be great ,we keep supporting them!!! Keep well Olly, and enjoy all you do! Much love ,Dad ________________________________


  2. Hi Olly,will I still hear from you before I go to Italy? I know you’re busy, but still…………………! Even if it’s short !! Love, Dad ________________________________


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