Couloir Cosmiques

5.1, E3, D+

midi-west-face2 (1)

First Cosmiques of the season with Fergus and Adam.

It went a bit like this. Adam, you’ve had an OK week, right? Yeah, I’ve hit some epic lines and rode some deep powder. Cool. Wanna end your week with a Cosmiques? Um… Yeah?

We weren’t entirely sure on the conditions as the temps had been a bit up and down and the snow fall had been inconsistent with a lot of high winds at altitude but we decided to at least have a look down the couloir and make a decision then.

Looking into the entrance of the Cosmiques couloir
A short, exposed, steep section before the first rappel
Setting up for the first rappel Photo: Adam Eriksson
After deliberating for a while, we decided to give it a go and rappelled in the skiers right channel rather than the normal entrance which was fairly rocky (see first image)
Adam on the first of two rappels.
Me on the first rappel Photo: Fergus McCarroll
After two rappels we were ready to go Photo: Fergus McCarroll
Fergus putting his first turns in
Me opening up. Nice deep snow, if a little wind effected Photo: Fergus McCarroll
Adam on the steeper upper section of the couloir
Ferg posing before letting rip
Ferg letting rip
Ferg letting rip part 2
Adam enjoying his first Cosmiques experience
Adam watching me make some turns in the softer snow in the shade Photo: Fergus McCarroll
Navigating the Bossons glacier after an epic ride down the couloir Photo Fergus McCarroll
Me traversing back to the Plan de l’Aiguille station which was an adventure in itself as we made it hard work for ourselves by braking trail Photo: Fergus McCarroll


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