Chamonix to Lake Annecy

Yesterday I cycled 104 kilometres (64 miles) from Chamonix to Annecy on what was the best cycle day I’ve had to date.

This is the route I took.

I left Chamonix at 06:30 and cycled through Vaudagne down to Passy then uphill towards St. Gervais.

Sunrise as I left Chamonix
The road leading out of St. Gervais towards Megève
Looking back at St. Gervais and the Massif behind
The view towards where I came from on the far side of plateau d’assy
I was happy to feel the warmth from the sun. The first hour was very cold.
Hot air balloons above Megève
Megève to Flumet was very scenic and alpine, could smell the farms and hear the cow bells all the way into this beautiful little town
Leaving Flumet and heading towards Col des Aravis, which passes somewhere up next to the mountain in the distance (left)
Had a great view of the Aravis range the whole way to the Col
I hadn’t realised that my water bottle had a hole in the bottom so stopping at these points was the only way to hydrate. Annoying because you lose momentum, so I didn’t end up drinking much water in the end
Climbing the Col des Aravis. Looking down the valley towards Flumet in the distance
My favourite Col so far. Great road, no potholes and no cars
At the top of the Col looking back at the Mont Blanc massif way in the distance. I felt so good at this point, I was ready to eat up the kilometres on the downhill to La Clusaz like PacMan on steroids

IMG_2148 IMG_2153

A measly bowl of muesli had helped my cycle 75kilometres but I had to recharge so I bought a Poulet wrap in La Clusaz. This is when I noticed a problem with my hamstring
The downhill from La Clusaz to Thones was insane. 12kilometres of wide open road all downhill. I over took cars regularly. I noticed Table Mountain once passed Thones. A little over 15kilometres to go..
Cycled round a corner and suddenly, BOOM! There’s the lake I came all this way to swim in
Lac d’Annecy. 35 degrees at this point – I went to the nearest restaurant and devoured a Crêpe Savoyard avec une Salade Mixte so quickly that by the time the waitress came back to check if everything was OK I’d finished it all and asked for l’addition s’il vous plait

Total time for the cycle was 4hrs 35mins not including the few short water breaks and quick bite in La Clusaz.

I ascended a total of 2,215 metres, mostly on the climb to Megêve and also the Col des Aravis.

If you have any questions about the route, drop me a line I’d be happy to share tips and advice with you. I highly recommend this route!!


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